Riva Monte Carlo 27 Offshorer

The Monte Carlo 27 Offshorer has a Stepped Hull design, making it withstand high waves and weather conditions where most modern racing boats remain safe in their storage. Now you might think: More boats have the same capabilities. That’s right, but not in 1978 when this beautiful Italian Riva was made. Because the two 350 horsepower General Motors engines are placed in line, this boat has an incredible stability and truly amazing sailing characteristics . The design made by the son of Carlo Riva, in coorperation with the United States Navy, caused commotion in the world of offshore racing.

The lower blocks of the engines are completely replaced and all gearboxes are revised. The unique thing about this boat are the chain guards, who transfer the power to the cardan shafst. From the shafts, the power is led trough a V-drive in the center of the boat, to the propeller shafst. After the refit the boat was tested successfully. A truly unique experience.

Just a quick tour to England and back in the Netherlands within a few hours… The Monte Carlo has proven itself several times by winning various awards. The Riva Offshorer is completely sprayed and provided with many new parts. Electronics completely renewed. No cost or effort have been saved.

  • Brand: Riva
  • Model: Monte Carlo 27 offshorer
  • Engine: 2x 350 pk General Motors
  • Construction year: 1978
  • Length: 8.17 m
  • Material: Polyester
  • Width: 2.4 m
  • Draft: 81 cm
  • Country :Netherlands
  • Price: € 95.000 VAT incl.

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