Boat restoration

Restoring your boat at WoodenClassics Harting is done professionally and with the greatest eye for detail. Our specialization lies with classic wooden motor boats from Riva, Boesch, Pedrazzini and Rio. We can also be of service for the restoration of all other types of boats. Your boat will be restored to its original state with the highest quality, so that you can enjoy your vessel. Do you have special wishes? We can also do this during the restoration.

Wooden boat restoration

Wooden boat owners have been coming to Aalsmeer for years. WoodenClassics is not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally known as a true specialist in the restoration of wooden boats. Our many years of experience, knowledge and precision guarantee the highest quality restoration of your boat.

Riva restoration

Are you the owner of a Riva and do you want it restored? Go for maximum quality and have your Riva restored by us. As a Riva specialist we guarantee the best Riva restoration.

How do I have my boat restored?

The restoration process of your boat must be a worry-free project for you. We take this completely out of your hands. Restoring your (wooden) boat boat has the following steps:

    1. Contact us by e-mail, telephone or visit our location on Uiterweg 302a in Aalsmeer. To make the best estimate of the work, we will make an appointment with you to come and view your boat. In some cases, photos are sufficient.
    2. You will receive a quote with a description of the work, estimated date of completion and a price indication. You sign the quote and send it back to us.
    3. We collect your boat for you and transport it to our shipyard in Aalsmeer. If you prefer to deliver your boat yourself, this is also possible. The shipyard is easily accessible by road and waterway.
    4. The work on your boat is being carried out. During the various stages of the restoration process you are welcome to come and have a look at our shipyard.
    5. Your boat will be delivered. Even after your boat has been restored, we can continue to perform maintenance. In this way you know for sure that your boat stays in the best quality. Read more here about maintenance. Combine this with our winter storage and you are assured of a carefree season.

Wooden boat maintenance

Have your boat maintained by our professionals. In this way you can enjoy your vessel carefree every season. For more information about the maintenance that we carry out, look here.

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